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Beginner’s Guide to French Wines

In general, wines that age on the lees have longer lasting, smaller bubbles, since the lees provide a structure to trap very tiny pockets of air. Coupling this lees aging process with the chalky terroir of Champagne leads to a well-structured wine with fine bubbles and flavors of brioche, apple, citrus, and almond. 

How to Buy Affordable Wines

Fitting wine into your discretionary spending budget (on top of your various subscriptions and treat-yourself cappuccinos) can seem impossible. Wine connoisseurs know that wine is not a cheap hobby. But clever wine connoisseurs know that finding good deals on great wines is not only possible but easy. If you’re looking to add wine to your list of hobbies, or if you’re just looking to cut back on that monthly credit card statement, here are five ways you can drink wine affordably! 

Wine Pairing Made Simple

Achieving the perfect wine and food pairing is like trying to unequivocally determine the best t-shirt and pants combo; there is an infinite number of combinations and so many of them work! We’re conditioned to think that pairings should be reserved for restaurant sommeliers. Yes, sommeliers are trained professionals, but this doesn’t mean that their methods are intricate and complicated. In fact, these methods are something you can easily replicate at home. Below is a simple two-part wine and food pairing guide that can be used over and over again to find amazing new combinations. 

Summer French White Wine Pairings

Remember the days of summer barbecues and outdoor gatherings? This year, more than ever, the nostalgia is real. We’re all craving normalcy, and if you’re anything like me, a glass of cool French white wine on a hot summer day feels like the perfect kind of normal. Here are five classic summer French whites along with some delicious food pairing ideas to make this summer feel like the good ole days of 2019. Enjoy!