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Lobster Bisque en Bread Bowl

Living and working near the craggy, arresting beauty of coastal Maine for 30 years, has offered up at least as many memorable “lobster feeds” at my home and with loved ones. A magnificent mess!  But, what’s more comforting than the luxurious, yet healthful mouth-feel of sweet lobster bisque? Some folks place a large chunk of lobster meat on top for

Loaded Chicken Salad with an Accent

Creamy and fulfilling, yet elegant and provocative. This dairy-free-optional recipe takes the humdrum out of chicken salad, and the calories out of classic loaded potatoes. A simple blend of French Fines Herbes with Greek yogurt offers European gifts to this surprising marriage of two American darlings.  Serve with a crisp William Hill Estate Winery Sauvignon Blanc.