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Roasted Root Vegetables with Pomegranate Molasses

Roasted Root Vegetables with Pomegranate Molasses Recipe Harvest season is fully in session, which means root vegetables abound! The sharp tang of pomegranate molasses is the perfect foil for earthy, slightly…

Antarctica: Where Penguins Have the Right of Way

I recently participated in a 9-night expedition to Antarctica with Atlas Ocean Voyages, a luxury expedition cruise line. The trip was absolutely magical. I had wanted to experience something totally…

What To Eat In Hồ Chí Minh City, From Street Food To Fine-Dining

Known for its garden fresh herbs, generous use of fish sauce, umami soups and French influence, there’s a lot to love about Vietnamese cuisine. There’s also an overindulgence of unique and standout dishes to sample, especially in the country’s most populous city. We’ve broken it down to nine must-try Vietnamese meals in Hồ Chí Minh City, or as the locals call it, Saigon.

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

You will love this piping hot bowl of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup. It has a rich broth, but trust me, this is not your basic broth. Each slurp is infused with aromatic sage and thyme, and the deeply caramelized, nutty, and savory flavors of seared chicken thighs. Ooh baby. Let’s get cooking! Try an oaked Pinot Noir.

Grilled Pizza

Few things excite me more than summertime. In fact, fall weather brings me such sadness that I equate it to heartbreak… Anyway, summer is here! And we are living it up, getting outside as much as humanly possible, and staying out there until the wee hours of the night.

The Historical Delicacies You Can Only Get In Toulouse

Julia Child once said:” In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.” With every region having its own distinctive cuisine, eating in France is just as serious a business. When in
Toulouse, you will have your work cut out, eating not only the local meat-heavy comfort food, but also sampling the sweet delights. Add anything foie gras and duck confit to the below specialties, and you won’t go hungry.

Shochu: A Japanese Influence on the Classic Martini

The best art leaves more questions than answers. So here’s a question I grapple with often: How many ingredients can you add to a martini and still call it a martini? This question is relevant in the other direction as well. What are the fewest number of ingredients you can add to a martini and still call it a martini? Here’s a common exchange at the bar:

“I’ll have a vodka martini.”

“Would you like any vermouth or particular garnish?”


Spring Vegetable Risotto

Spring is in the air, and fresh produce is abundantly overflowing at the local Farmer’s Market. This is a time of year filled with renewed hope and joy as the winter thaws. We can finally shake off the cold with the rising temps and longer days that call us out of our homes. Enjoy sweet, tender leeks, fibrous asparagus, and tender peas swimming in a sea of silky, creamy risotto with a floral Pinot Grigio.