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A (Very Cheesy) Queso Tour of Dallas

Twirl a tortilla chip in a bowl of melted gooey queso with chile peppers. Coat it well and let its decadence satisfy your deepest cravings for creamy, salty, and spicy. Queso is the Tex-Mex version of the Mexican queso flameado, a mixture of melted cheese, crumbled spicy chorizo, a tomato and onion sauce, and spices.

Bavarian Cream Cheese (Obatza)

Obatza is a Bavarian speciality that is served at Oktoberfest and in the beer halls of Munich. The mix of piquant flavors with creaminess makes it unique appetizer or snack.…

Cuban Croque Monsieur Recipe - Wine4Food

Cuban Croque-Monsieur Sandwich

A croque-monsieur is the more luxurious and tres Francais knife-and-fork version of grilled cheese. Traditionally made only with ham and cheese, we’ve brought some domestic flair to this recipe by…


In Praise of Older Rieslings, Truly Great Wines That Don’t Cost Big Bucks

Older Riesling continues to be a secret that wine buyers should know about. What is so special about older Rieslings? The quality and value of older Rieslings can be conveyed in simple terms. Unlike Chardonnay, which often gains nutty, baked stone fruit, marzipan, and slightly funky characters after twenty or more years in bottle, Riesling gains purity and balance.

Wine Pairings – Roast Pork & Apples with New Zealand Rosé

Spring is in the air, and Easter is fast approaching. With that in mind, design your next family get-together around this crowd-pleasing pork and apple dish that is perfectly suited for off-dry Riesling or rosé. Developed by James Beard-nominated writer Allison Robicelli, the apple, baking spices, and succulence of the pork brings out the crisp, tart, apple notes of these wines.

An Introduction to Riesling, One of the World’s Best White Wines

If you were to make a list of the most underrated wines in America, Riesling would always be among the top five. To wine experts, Riesling is versatile, refreshing, and one of the few whites that ages well. To pretty much everyone else, Riesling is a cloying dessert wine that seems to not pair correctly with anything.


Friendsgiving Wine Party: Riesling Style

November is a great time for Riesling. There really is no better grape to pair with the sweet succulence of poultry, earthiness of root vegetables, and baking spices of Thanksgiving. This sweetness beautifully balances with the sweetness of nearly everything on a Thanksgiving table.

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