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Yellow Beet Risotto with Chives and Crème Fraîche

Yellow Beet Risotto

Yellow Beet Risotto Recipe Vibrant yellow beets are as sweet as their red counterparts, and make a risotto the color of sunshine. Beet sugar is well complimented by a dry…

Peach-Plum Crumble

Peach-Plum Crumble  While there’s not much better than biting into a crisp, fresh peach on a hot summer’s day, hitting it with some heat really makes that sweetness shine. This…

Umbria, The Easier One-Day Trip Out of Rome

While quick trips from Rome to the heart of Tuscany are doable, you’ll get a better feel for the classic Italian countryside, ancient hilltop towns, and, of course, traditional dishes like porchetta, by heading to the much closer Umbria aka Italy’s “Green Heart.”

Sangiovese, Italy’s Most Famous Grape

Italian wine has a well-defined hierarchy. Barbera and Nebbiolo rule Piemonte, while Prosecco-bound Glera and Pinot Grigio are the stars in the northeast. And then there’s Tuscany’s Sangiovese. The grape and its clones are behind numerous deep-red wines from the luxurious Brunello di Montalcino to your common Chianti.

Middle Eastern-Inspired Roasted Chicken Breast with Beluga Lentils and Carrots

When Chef Charles Winhoffer of Fat Goose in Williamsburg, Brooklyn wanted to put roasted chicken on his menu, your standard crispy rosemary-and-thyme creation wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, he looks for inspiration from the Middle East, resulting in Aleppo pepper, cardamom, fennel seed, and the spice blend ras el hanout all making appearances in this dish. The lentils and carrots are a must for making this a hearty cold-weather meal

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FOOD FOR WINE: Italian Baked Clams

One of the great Italian-American restaurant treats can be baked clams, but so often this dish comes to the table with fatal problems. More often than not, the clams are rubbery. And, more often than not, the breading is unattractively dense, with nary a lick of clam flavor.