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Melanie Young

Sparkling Champagne-Style Wines from Around the World

Champagne still carries the badge for most prestige and also the highest price tag, but it does not have the lock on quality or romance. There are many excellent sparkling wines produced outside of the Champagne region, both in France and around the world.

Georgia Wines on Our Mind

Vogue Magazine recently named Georgia—the country, not the state—one of the hottest destinations to visit in 2017. It may be a new destination for fashionistas, but wine industry cognoscenti have been making pilgrimages to this country for the wines. With a history of winemaking dating back 8000 years, Georgia is often referred to as the “cradle of wine.”

Women Who Rule the House

The original First Ladies of Champagne in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries came into their roles unexpectedly. Their husbands died. They each rose to the occasion and showed a flair for building a brand long before “women in business” was a buzzword.

A Prosecco Primer for Savvy Sippers

The region of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, nestled in the steep hills north of Venice, is a historic area for production of Italy’s most popular sparkling wine: Prosecco. It is only one of two areas of prosecco production to be granted DOCG status which is Italian winemaking’s highest level of quality.