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Wine Trends in 2022

This year, wine trends are expected to veer towards lighter, fresher, and funkier styles. Call it supply chain issues forcing our hand away from the classics, or call it our need to shake up another year of this pandemic. Whatever the reason may be, wine educators, sommeliers, and consumers are expanding their palates in 2022. Up-and-coming wine regions are entering the mainstream wine dialogue, funky grapes are the norm, and the weirder the wine container, the better. However you find your wine tastes evolving this year, there’s something for everyone. 

Notes From The Concrete Terroir: To Rosé Or Not To Rosé?!

Once thought of as a sweet and cheap way to sip away spring and summer, Rosé as just a mere seasonal staple is no longer. “Rosé all day” many of us have heard, and there is even a vineyard that boasts that moniker on its label.

Rosé 101: Your Pink Wine Primer

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet—and a rosé by any other name would be as pink. Would Shakespeare not be proud? If you have ever wondered about the provenance of the pink stuff—where it’s made and how it’s made, for instance—your primer has arrived. 

What Is Beaujolais Nouveau? – SOMM TIPS with Franck Duboeuf

There’s nobody better to teach us about Beaujolais Nouveau than Duboeuf. Duboeuf’s family company brought the first Beaujolais Nouveau to the Unites States in the 1980’s, and this season we’re celebrating an exciting new launch: the first ever Beaujolais Nouveau Rose has arrived.

2018 Harvest Report, from Napa to Champagne

From Tuscany to Napa, autumn means it’s time for the grape harvest. By now, the harvest is underway—and in some places, it’s already finished. Old and new world growers and…