Wine4Food Welcomes Sadat X and True Wine Connoisseurs

Wine4Food Welcomes Sadat X and True Wine Connoisseurs 1722 1578 Wine4Food

It all started with a joke. Brooklyn-based rapper Sadat X and his producer Will Tell were recording music in Will’s basement studio. During the recording sessions, the friends and collaborators were drinking “maybe a little too much,” Will remembers. So, he thought he’d replace their usual spirits with a bottle of wine. On his flip phone, Will recorded Sadat’s tongue-in-cheek, absolutely hilarious review of the beverage. 

The joke took off—the video went viral, and the duo kept making more. True Wine Connoisseurs was born. The next step was for the pair to develop their own wine brand. Now Wine4Food and Golden Ram Imports are thrilled to announce a new partnership with True Wine Connoisseurs. We’re introducing three wines: “Off the Head Red” Cabernet Sauvignon, “Lyrical Liquid” Sauvignon Blanc, and “The Turn Up” Prosecco. Turn up the beat, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy!

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