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Silvia Baldini

Baked Amaretto Peaches

Baked Amaretto Peaches are prepared in the north of Italy at the height of summer when the trees are heavy with fruit and the prices are practical. They don’t need much work – and they’re so delicious.

Barbera Grilled Flank Steak

There are times when nothing but steak will do. Summer is for easy grilling and flank steak is my choice. This is a fool-proof, vibrant and modern summertime dish.

Peaches and Warm Biscuits with Amaretto Whipped Cream

Peaches baked and stuffed with Amaretto cookies is a dish that’s far more than the sum of its parts. It’s a marriage made in Italy, thanks to the alchemy of the slightly bitter almond flavor and the soft creaminess of the peaches.

Oysters: A Kiss from The Ocean

The moment the salty air from the ocean hits my nostrils, I know New England has to be the place where I would raise my children. Waves lashing the sand…

The Barbera Brasato Remix

Editor’s note: Silvia Balidini will be sharing her remixes with us monthly here at Wine4Food, where she cooks time-honored recipes, and then reimagines them with a modern spin. We’ll share…