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SOMM TASTING NOTES: Sabra Lewis Tastes Basile Comandante 1080 1080 Wine4Food

SOMM TASTING NOTES: Sabra Lewis Tastes Basile Comandante

Basile Comandante is a Sangiovese and Merlot blend from Maremma, which is in the south of Tuscany. The Sangiovese gives the wine a beautiful acidity and flavors of cherry and strawberry, while the Merlot brings body, structure, and savory notes

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Latest Article

Rhadia Hursey Is Changing the Food World 936 936 Hannah Howard

Rhadia Hursey Is Changing the Food World

“People of color have been excluded from media conversations, especially in food,” Chef Rhadia Hursey says. As a Black woman, she’s “creating programming that reflects diversity, with a different culinary point of view.”

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Latest Recipe

Barbera Grilled Flank Steak 624 624 Silvia Baldini

Barbera Grilled Flank Steak

There are times when nothing but steak will do. Summer is for easy grilling and flank steak is my choice. This is a fool-proof, vibrant and modern summertime dish.

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