How to Serve Wine Like a Somm | SOMM SCHOOL INSIDER WITH CAROLE MAC (E7)

How to Serve Wine Like a Somm | SOMM SCHOOL INSIDER WITH CAROLE MAC (E7) 2560 2560 Carole Mac

It’s finale time! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about wine through Somm School Insider where we take you inside the Sommelier Society of America with Carole Mac to learn the secrets of tasting like a sommelier. We’ve introduced you to her actual instructors, in real time, to learn her favorite lessons in somm school. You now know the components of wine, how to blind taste, the the structure and flavors of the wines of France, Italy, and the New World. Now it’s time to learn how to serve like a somm.

A sommelier’s grand finale is wine service—the presentation, uncorking, and pouring of wine that happens when a restaurant customer orders a bottle of wine for the table. 

There’s no better way to get to experience wine service than at Café Boulud, Daniel Boulud’s chic French restaurant on the Upper East Side. In the final episode of Somm School Insider, Kimberly Prokoshyn, Head Sommelier at Café Boulud, helps host and sommelier-to-be Carole Mac master (or begin to master) the fine and subtle art of service. 

“My biggest goal is to get the customer to the wine that they love,” says Kim. 

In some ways being good at wine service is like being a good therapist: you have to listen closely, pay attention to body language, and know how to interpret what guests may or may not say. Intuition and experience are invaluable tools. Watch as Carole tries her hand at serving Kim and Rüdi Eilers, Director of Education at the Sommelier Society of America. Plus, pick up a trade secret or two (p.s. always have pockets!). 

Finally, you’ll get to watch the conclusion of all this hard work. Does Carole realize her dream and become a sommelier? Does she pass the dreaded sommelier exam? 

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