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Valley of the Moon

Pairing Wine with Tea (and Scones)

Like wine, a great cup of tea is wonderfully complex in aromas, textures, and flavors. Here are some tips on how to enjoy wine with teas and scones for the ultimate grownup high tea from Erika’s Tea Room in Clermont, Florida.

The Perfect Wines for your Backyard Barbecue

Although beer might be the default beverage when it comes to cooking out and grilling, a well-paired glass of wine can elevate those bold BBQ flavors we love this time of year. Here are some pairing favorites.

Sister Pie’s Minted Pea and Potato Hand Pies

Fresh shell peas thrive in Michigan, where Sister Pie’s Lisa Ludwinski gives them a starring role in her Detroit bakery’s minted pea and potato hand pies. “Fresh peas are so…

The Best Wines to Drink with Sushi

When sitting down to order sushi, be it at the counter, the table, or from your couch (no judgements!), the inevitable question of “What do I drink with it?” comes…

Roast Thanksgiving Turkey

Here’s a Thanksgiving bird worthy of starring as the centerpiece on your holiday table. There are countless variations on turkey, and nearly as many opinions as to which is best (to brine? to fry? to spatchcock?). This roast bird gets plenty of flavor from a dry rub of fragrant thyme, sage, and paprika.