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What I’m Drinking Right Now: Kayla Mensah of Domestique

Some wine enthusiasts develop a genuine fascination with this beverage and seek to amplify their love of wine by learning as much as they can about its history, its different grape varietals, its key regions, and its many, many flavor profiles. Kayla Mensah, a certified sommelier who currently serves as a Sales & Operations Associate at renowned Washington, D.C. natural wine store Domestique, counts herself among this number. 

What We’re Drinking Right Now: Shayla Smith & Shaunna Cooper of WineSpencer

Sisters and certified sommeliers Shayla Smith and Shaunna Cooper devote their lives to teaching wine enthusiasts (both newcomers and long-time drinkers) how to find and enjoy bottles that suit their particular tastes. Their company, WineSpencer, conducts virtual wine classes and seminars, with a particular focus on female winemakers, Black winemakers, and underrated wine regions. 

Top 3 Wine Resolutions To Keep In 2021

If you’re ready for some fresh food pairings and modern spins on imbibing norms, then read on for Top 3 Wine Resolutions to kick your 2021 off right.