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Wine Pairings for Parenting Moments

Kids don’t come with a rule book, but they should come with drink recommendations. Gia Miller uses her experience as a parent and in the wine industry to be your parenting sommelier.

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What I’m Drinking Right Now to Cure the Winter Blues: Coly Den Haan of Vinovore

The chilly temperatures and short days can make the first several months of the year a challenging time. For oenophiles, the winter season presents a perfect opportunity to seek out bottles that can warm their bodies and souls, can pair beautifully with hearty dishes, and- in some cases- can remind them that warmer climes and sunnier days aren’t too far away. With that last quality in mind, we decided to collect some fun and flavorful winter wine suggestions from a skilled sommelier who lives in the forever-mild weather conditions of Los Angeles: Coly Den Haan, the owner of Vinovore wine shops in Silver Lake and Eagle Rock, which specialize in wines produced by female winemakers.

What I’m Drinking Right Now: Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life

A career in wine often happens as the result of a deep and passionate love for the stuff. In some cases, the choice to parlay that love into a professional pursuit comes as a surprise, even to the person making said choice. That was definitely the case for certified sommelier, wine educator, and wine blogger Sarah Tracey of The Lush Life, who tells us that “I entered the wine industry almost by accident– I moved to New York City after graduating from school with a music degree and had a string of waitressing jobs in between music gigs and studio sessions!

Beginner’s Guide to French Wines

In general, wines that age on the lees have longer lasting, smaller bubbles, since the lees provide a structure to trap very tiny pockets of air. Coupling this lees aging process with the chalky terroir of Champagne leads to a well-structured wine with fine bubbles and flavors of brioche, apple, citrus, and almond.