Easy Bulgarian Feta, Cucumber & Tomato Appetizer

Easy Bulgarian Feta, Cucumber & Tomato Appetizer 1141 1145 Carole Mac

Bulgarian Feta photo final“I’m here for my Bulgarian feta,” a woman standing at my local cheesemonger counter shouted. She turned to me and said, “My husband is Bulgarian, and he will eat nothing else.” I bought some, loved it, and came up with an easy way to serve it at an impromptu cocktail party. This southeastern European white brined sheep’s milk cheese is one of the Balkans national foods. Although technically not feta (because it’s not from Greece), it is often referred to as Bulgarian feta or Sirene. Compared to Greek feta, this cheese is creamier, denser, and less acidic. It’s also saltier, and has a mild lemon flavor. Bulgarian feta is often available at your regular grocery store, behind the cheese counter. Otherwise, try your specialty cheese shop. Serve with Petit Chablis or Muscadet.


¼ lb Bulgarian Feta
10 cherry or grape tomatoes (I used mini San Marzano tomatoes)
1 cucumber
1 medium-sized bunch of fresh dill

Slice cucumbers into ¼-inch rounds (or to your thickness preference). Arrange on your serving plate.

Cut Bulgarian cheese into flat bite-sized slabs, also about 1/4″ thick. Place one slab on each cucumber round.

Tear bite-sized portions of fresh dill, and place one portion on top of each piece.

Cut tomatoes in half. Place each half, cut-side down, on top of the dill on each cucumber round.

Sprinkle the plate with salt and pepper to finish.

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