Rosengarten On Forbes: Italiano For The Holidays

Rosengarten On Forbes: Italiano For The Holidays 150 150 David Rosengarten

Interesting, ain’t it? Without question, Christmas, and the other holidays around it, make up the biggest “holiday season” of the year in America. But what are you supposed to eat during this season, and for the big feasts? The gastronomic dimensions and directions of other holidays are much more intuitive. For Christmas, there’s little that’s set in stone: no Thanksgiving turkey, no 4th of July cook-out, no Easter ham. And perhaps that is why America’s favorite ethnic food, Italian, has made such inroads at holiday time (watching Christmas mass from the Vatican doesn’t hurt either!). The Italian Christmas Eve tradition called Feast of the Seven Fishes gets lots of play in homes, and even in restaurants now. Steaming bowls of pasta with red sauce are widely viewed as festive, and many festivities therefore include such fare. It’s fun, it’s inexpensive, it’s celebratory…and it’s Italian!

If you are planning to lay on the Italiano this holiday season, here are ten great products from Italy that you should either:

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