The Odd Fellow: Whiskey and Bourbon Cocktail

The Odd Fellow: Whiskey and Bourbon Cocktail 2377 2560 Adam Welch

You don’t have to be an odd fellow to love this cocktail recipe!


  The Odd Fellow: Rye, Bourbon, and Bitters Cocktail

It’s cold out. What’s the quickest way to warm you up from the inside out? Whiskey and bourbon in the same cocktail! There are many ways to consume and enjoy the benefits of whiskey’s profile apart from just neat or on the rocks.  Enter, The Odd Fellow Cocktail. It is a twist on a classic ManhattanThe bright spicy flavors of the rye and the rich vanilla from the bourbon are a match made in heaven. The name is derived from a historic Hall (Odd Fellows Hall to be exact) above the bar where this was created. But odd fellow or not, chances are you’ll love this drink!. It’s a blend of Rittenhouse Rye, Old Forester Bourbon, and Carpano Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth. Two dashes of a blend of aromatic bitters rounds out this cocktail. The bitters add the perfect amount of baking spice flavor without overwhelming the cocktail. Last but not least we garnish with two Luxardo maraschino brandied cherries. (This is the good stuff, not to be confused with those neon nuclear red things people pass off as cherries in dive bars). One sip of this and you’ll be welcoming the cold!

1 ounce Rittenhouse Rye
1 ounce Old Forester Bourbon
1 ounce Carpano Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth
2 Luxardo maraschino brandied cherries
2 dashes House Aromatic Bitters Blend

Aromatic Bitters Blend
½ ounce Angostura bitters
½ ounce Fess Brothers Old Fashion Bitters
½ ounce Abbotts Aromatic Bitters
*equal parts of each, feel free to use your own desired measurements.


Before you mix your ingredients, begin to chill a coup-style glass.  Do this ahead of time by either placing glass in a freezer for a few minutes or filling with ice cubes and letting stand until emptying out when ready to pour in your cocktail.  

Then, ideally in a squeezable container with a small mouth or restricted pouring spout (if you do not have this, find something that works for you), blend together the mixture of bitters using equal parts of each.  You can use whatever size measurements you want here as long as it is equal. The more you make the more you’ll have leftover for future cocktails!

Using a Jigger for measurement, combine all ingredients directly into a mixing glass.  Add ice. Stir until ice starts to break down and your desired level of dilution is achieved. Strain into a chilled coup.  Lastly, using a toothpick of your choosing, garnish with brandied cherries. Sip, and enjoy!

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Adam Welch is a professional bartender living in Napa County. He has worked at many well-known establishments throughout the area including Press, Barndiva, Cyrus, and Goose & Gander. He also co-hosts a new podcast series called Bar Stories, available on iTunes. In his free time, he and his wife Katie enjoy sneaking beers into the dog park, with their Irish terrier, Murphy, keeping the lookout. He Currently Manages The Geyserville Gun Club Bar & Lounge in Geyserville, California.

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