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Food & Wine Guide: Paso Robles, California

You know the feeling. After a few tastings and a couple nibbles of cheese, your stomach sends you a message loud and clear. You need food. A shared charcuterie platter simply will not do. It must be something substantial that complements the lovely wines you have sipped so far as well as those that await you at the next stop. 

Notes From The Concrete Terroir: To Rosé Or Not To Rosé?!

Once thought of as a sweet and cheap way to sip away spring and summer, Rosé as just a mere seasonal staple is no longer. “Rosé all day” many of us have heard, and there is even a vineyard that boasts that moniker on its label.

Thanksgiving Spritzer Recipe

A classic Italian Spritz is a combination of a bitter (such as Campari or Aperol), white wine (usually bubbly prosecco) and sparkling water. The name comes from the German word for “splashing.” As the story goes, the Austrian soldiers would dilute the wine of the Veneto region with water in the late 1800s.

Mason Jar Overnight Salads

Be the envy of your office or your classmates with these perfectly portioned, surprisingly pretty, and healthy yet satisfying salads. They’re quick enough to prepare that you can make a…

Creamy Sri Lankan Dal with Rice

This dal is an affordable meal and a deeply comforting dish. The addition of roasted curry powder, a Sri Lankan speciality, lends it a unique deep flavor.

What Is Beaujolais Nouveau? – SOMM TIPS with Franck Duboeuf

There’s nobody better to teach us about Beaujolais Nouveau than Duboeuf. Duboeuf’s family company brought the first Beaujolais Nouveau to the Unites States in the 1980’s, and this season we’re celebrating an exciting new launch: the first ever Beaujolais Nouveau Rose has arrived.