Thanksgiving Spritzer Recipe

Thanksgiving Spritzer Recipe 1000 1000 Saghar Setareh

A classic Italian Spritz is a combination of a bitter (such as Campari or Aperol), white wine (usually bubbly prosecco) and sparkling water. The name comes from the German word for “splashing.” As the story goes, the Austrian soldiers would dilute the wine of the Veneto region with water in the late 1800s.

Spritz is not quite a cocktail, but an aperitivo; something to start off an evening, or end a working day. The classic recipe calls for equal parts bitters and white wine, then a splash of soda, and served with a small slice of orange in a goblet full of ice.

This holiday version substitutes the sparkling water with apple cider or apple juice, and doubles the prosecco (because it’s the holidays and we all need more prosecco this year). If you’re serving a (socially distanced) crowd, you can mix equal parts of apple juice/cider and Campari in a jug, pour at the bottom of ice-filled glasses, then top with prosecco. 

I personally prefer Campari but you can use any bitter you like. The earthy aroma of rosemary in the glass compliments the sweet smell of Campari and the acidity of the wine.

Recipe Per Glass:

1 part apple juice OR cider
1 part bitter (such as Campari)
2 parts Prosecco (or as much needed to top the glass)
1 small slice of orange
Ice cubes enough to fill the glass
A twig of fresh rosemary

Put the slice of orange in the glass, then fill it with ice so that the orange stays up right against the glass. Pour in the apple juice or cider, then top with prosecco and add the rosemary twig. Serve immediately.

Saghar SetarehSaghar Setareh is an Iranian food photographer and writer and award-winning blogger who’s been living in Rome, Italy since 2007. She’s passionate about Iranian, middle eastern, mediterranean and Italian food. She regularly runs cooking classes and photography workshops, and contributes to websites and magazines as well. Currently Saghar is working on her debut cookbook that will be published by Murdoch Books in 2022. You find her at and @labnoon on Instagram and Twitter.

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