How Keri Levens Made Wine: Volpetta Rosé

How Keri Levens Made Wine: Volpetta Rosé 720 720 Wine4Food

This week we are back with Keri Levens, the wine director of Chefs Club, to discuss a super exciting topic: winemaking.

In 2017, Keri went to Montepulciano, Tuscany to embark on an incredible journey to make her own wines. Over the course of multiple visits, she participated in every aspect of the winemaking process with the folks at Avignonesi. The result of those months of work is the delectable Volpetta Rosé — translation: fox, but some in Italy take it to mean “smarty pants,” which we love! “Wine is a never-ending process of learning,” Keri remarks towards the end of today’s video, and we are so thankful she was able to share her learning with us.

Our host Carole Mac starts today’s video with the most simple question: Why Rosé? From there, Keri takes Carole through the genesis of Volpetta, from the initial idea to harvest, and then to blending, bottling and selling. We learn why biodynamic farming was such an exciting adventure for Keri, her goals in making a rosé with more savory notes, and who helped her along the way to achieve this dream. Plus, pairings and tasting notes!

Volpetta Rosé is currently available by the glass at Chefs Club, so if you are in New York, be sure to stop in for a glass. Thank you to Keri for sharing her story with us and to Chefs Club for having us on their stoop. Be sure to watch our previous episodes with Keri as well: Rosé Myths Debunked, our Hallowine Special and Old World vs. New World Pinot Noir at Chefs Club.

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