PAIRED RECIPES: Miso Pumpkin Soup with Cave de Ribeauville Gewürztraminer

PAIRED RECIPES: Miso Pumpkin Soup with Cave de Ribeauville Gewürztraminer 1080 1080 Wine4Food

What’s more comforting than a bowl of pumpkin soup in autumn? This warm and creamy take on the fall staple is accented with miso and andouille sausage, adding a savory and spicy element to one of the most cozy dishes we can think of. Add a glass of Alsatian Gewürztraminer from our friends at Cave de Ribeauville, and you’ve got everything you need for the perfect day spent indoors.

Why did we choose Gewürztraminer for today’s Paired Recipe? In wine, we tend to think about pairing heat with sweet. The Vendanges Manuelles Gewürztraminer from Cave de Ribeauville is medium dry, meaning it has a bit more residual sugar than you would find in an Alsatian Riesling, for instance (which is mandated dry by the Alsace AOC). That bit of sweetness counters the heat from the andouille sausage, while the acidity of the Gewürztraminer cuts through the creaminess of the pumpkin. Separately, the wine and the soup are delicious. But together, the interplay of flavors and textures creates an entirely new experience that will warm you up both inside and out!

This recipe comes from our writer Chef Garima. See the full list of steps and ingredients here. Thanks for such a unique and flavorful recipe, Garima!

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