WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE with NFL Star, Podcast Host & Entrepreneur Nolan Carroll

WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE with NFL Star, Podcast Host & Entrepreneur Nolan Carroll 1242 1212 Carole Mac

We are thrilled to announce Carole Mac’s brand new series WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE, following the world’s top athletes, musicians, entertainers, and icons into their fridges on Wine4Food.com.

Our Premiere Episode Guest is Nolan Carroll: NFL Star, Podcast Host & Business Entrepreneur.

Tune in to see what this icon has to teach us about food! You’ll learn Nolan’s secrets for fueling your body, what to eat for injury recovery, and how protect your brain. You’ll also learn his favorite restaurant, cheap eat, hometown donut, wine, and cut of meat! And of course, you’ll see what’s in Nolan Carroll’s fridge.

You’ll never guess the most interesting thing in Nolan Carroll’s fridge! We’ll give you a hint, it’s a type of Halloween candy…

We wish you a happy Halloween, friends.

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Carole Mac Editorial Director & Executive Producer/Video Host

With over 15 years experience in the food industry, Carole Mac is a journalist, creator, producer, and host. Her background includes an International MBA, marketing for Nike, creating/selling a culinary event company, columnist, and Editorial Director of the James Beard award-winning Rosengarten Report. Her food film short Oh My Rødgrød! was selected to appear in the New York City, Chicago, and Devour Food Film Festivals, and her children’s book The Gift of the Ladybug is an Amazon bestseller. To join her behind-the-scenes culinary adventures, follow her on Instagram @Carole.Mac.