WINE MONDAY: David’s Wine of the Week

WINE MONDAY: David’s Wine of the Week David Rosengarten

2012 Petit Chablis, Domaine Philippe Goulley, Burgundy, France (organic)

philippe-goulley-petit-chablis-5I usually reserve this post for one of the wonderful wines out there I’m NOT importing. But I had to break ranks this week…because a producer I’ve wanted to import for several years has finally sent his wines to me. And they have just arrived, in glorious condition! Philippe Goulley produces Chablis, certainly my favorite expression of the Chardonnay grape. As you know, Grand Cru Chablis is very rich and expensive; Premier Cru Chablis is medium-rich and fairly pricey; and village Chablis can be steely-wonderful, as well as a wonderful steal. But did you know that the least expensive Chablis is from vineyards around the town of Chablis, and is labeled “Petit Chablis?” At its best—like this one!—Petit Chablis is wonderful for food, very flexible. Light green in the glass. On the nose, it’s actually on the ripe side of young appley fruit—but there ain’t nothing ripe in the mouth. Absolute tingle instead: light, evanescent, delicate, crackling with electric lemony acidity. This Petit Chablis will be available right here on by mid-fall.

Shucking oysters to prepare for a perfect pairing!

Shucking oysters to prepare for a perfect pairing!


A great oyster wine!

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