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SOMM TASTING NOTES: Sabra Lewis Tastes Basile Comandante

Basile Comandante is a Sangiovese and Merlot blend from Maremma, which is in the south of Tuscany. The Sangiovese gives the wine a beautiful acidity and flavors of cherry and strawberry, while the Merlot brings body, structure, and savory notes

Giovan Basile Does Montecucco

Giovan Basile Does Montecucco Whaaa? Well, I admit that neither “Giovan” nor “Montecucco” are “casa parola” in the U.S.—household words?—but they should be! They will be! Giovan Battista Basile Giovan…

Quintessential Bolognese

There are plenty of delicious Italian dishes, but the perfect blend of comfort, simplicity and finesse belongs to the Bolognese. The original recipe calls for less tomato, and more flavor from the slow stewing of meat, vegetables, stock and wine.

Smoked Salmon Cakes with Lemon Sriracha Sauce

Calling these “fish cakes” really doesn’t do these crispy succulent patties justice. The “fish” part is right, but “cake” infers flour, fat, and eggs with a bread-like crumb. These fish…