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cave de ribeauville

Beginner’s Guide to French Wines

In general, wines that age on the lees have longer lasting, smaller bubbles, since the lees provide a structure to trap very tiny pockets of air. Coupling this lees aging process with the chalky terroir of Champagne leads to a well-structured wine with fine bubbles and flavors of brioche, apple, citrus, and almond. 


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Ribeauvillé Follow that Somm

FOLLOW THAT SOMM ALSACE with Carole Mac & David Jaegle

Alsace is a food and wine lover’s paradise, but perhaps you have never heard of it. Situated on the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland, Alsace is a culinary curiosity; a place where foie gras and escargot are as plentiful as pretzels and sausages. Wine4Food headed to the town of Ribeauvillé this summer to discover the palate of Alsace, enlisting help from Cave de Ribeauvillé’s Worldwide Exports Manager, David Jaegle.