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Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

You will love this piping hot bowl of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup. It has a rich broth, but trust me, this is not your basic broth. Each slurp is infused with aromatic sage and thyme, and the deeply caramelized, nutty, and savory flavors of seared chicken thighs. Ooh baby. Let’s get cooking! Try an oaked Pinot Noir.

Celebrating Asian Culture with the Lucky Rice Cookbook

Lucky Rice: Stories and Recipes from Night Markets, Feasts, and Family Tables is a celebration of Asian culture through its cuisines, while using ingredients readily found in American supermarkets. And we’ve got two recipes to try!

Food & Wine Guide: Paso Robles, California

You know the feeling. After a few tastings and a couple nibbles of cheese, your stomach sends you a message loud and clear. You need food. A shared charcuterie platter simply will not do. It must be something substantial that complements the lovely wines you have sipped so far as well as those that await you at the next stop. 

Spring Veggie Quiche

Quiche is a glorious dish that is easily adapted to personal preferences and seasonally available ingredients. This Spring Veggie Quiche features a tender, savory custard, peppered with springtime favorites like asparagus, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and sweet and creamy goat cheese. Pair this with an oaked Chardonnay.

The 4 Best Sources for Authentic Chinese Cooking

Hopefully my last article, “High-Level Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Cuisine,” left you salivating for authentic Chinese cuisine. In a follow-up, here’s my list of the best sources to learn more about Chinese cooking:

When in doubt, trust any cookbook written by Fuchsia Dunlop…

An Oxford native, Fuchsia Dunlop became interested in China while working the East Asia desk for the BBC Monitoring Unit at Caversham. She pursued her postgraduate degree at Sichuan University and extended her stay to take a three-month chef’s training course at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine making her the first Westerner to do so.

Spring Vegetable Risotto

Spring is in the air, and fresh produce is abundantly overflowing at the local Farmer’s Market. This is a time of year filled with renewed hope and joy as the winter thaws. We can finally shake off the cold with the rising temps and longer days that call us out of our homes. Enjoy sweet, tender leeks, fibrous asparagus, and tender peas swimming in a sea of silky, creamy risotto with a floral Pinot Grigio.

Seafood Paella

This seafood paella recipe is inspired by the classic Spanish rice dish from Valencia. This take features aromatic saffron, a vibrant mix of seared scallops, jumbo shrimp, and salty Spanish chorizo.

Gnocchi with Browned Butter & Sage

This Gnocchi with Browned Butter and Sage is my go-to special comfort meal. Taking simple, humble ingredients and transforming them into pillowy bites with crispy outer edges is a magical experience.