3 Pack Chile Pepper Extracts

3 Pack Chile Pepper Extracts David Rosengarten

3 Pack: Green Jamaican Lime, Red Naga Jolokia, Yellow Fatali by Henry Family Farm

The very first of David Rosengarten’s Gastronomic Selections, Henry Family Farm Varietal Chile Extractions are unique chile essences, made in small batches, from world-class (and sometimes endangered!) chiles grown in the alkaline-rich Shenandoah Valley. David discovered these vintage-dated rarities through a chef friend in Virginia, who raved about Bob Henry’s artisanal product. The extractions, created by a secret patented process, differ from conventional hot sauces in that they do not contain additional spices or flavor enhancements. Think of them as akin to single-varietal wines which focus on purity of flavor. And the real miracle is that these pure extractions do not “disturb” the foods to which they’re added: they enhance the flavor of food, rather than warping it.



Florence Fabricant, from The New York Times says, “These chiles are a find.”

Judy Hevrdejs from The Chicago Tribune says, “These extracts deliver intense flavor.”

“World’s 10 Spiciest Hot Sauces” — ranked by The Daily Meal



Naga Jolokia (Ghost Chile of India): Made from pure strains of the pepper obtained directly from India, the Naga Jolokia extraction exhibits the chile’s intense signature heat, and its intriguing aromas of tomato and bell pepper. The Ghost Chile elevates dishes that already have lots of flavor, such as gazpacho, caponata, chili con carne.

Yellow Fatali (African Habanero): The Yellow Fatali from Africa brings serious heat, while showcasing the habañero family’s traditional flavors and aromas…from fruit (slightly cooked) to cookies (think boxes of what you ate at school with milk!). Pairs well with creamy dishes, particularly Indian sautés.

Jamaican Lime: Despite the name, the Jamaican Lime Chile extract contains no lime to be found. Instead, the distinct color and tangy flavor come from the pepper itself. Brightens seafood dishes, such as ceviche or fish curries, by adding a tart citrus note.

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