Hot Sauce Video Recipes with Chile Extracts

Hot Sauce Video Recipes with Chile Extracts Wine4Food

Ghostpacho with Naga Jolokia Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Creamy Chicken Sauté from Southwest India with African Yellow Fatali Hot Sauce

Find the text recipe here.

Also, try my Ghost Chile Bloody Mary recipe here.

Henry Family Farm Extracts
*The tangy Jamaican Lime is like adding citrus juice with a built-in chile kick to all dishes requiring acid. It is fabulous on raw seafood, like clams and oysters…and absolute salvation on ceviche, since the extract treats the fish better than lime juice does!

*The African Fatali, as a member of the Habañero family (which has a cookie-like aroma), loves cozying up to creamy dishes, appearing to make them creamier still. Creamy indian curries, Central European sour cream sauces, salads with mayonnaise…all vibrate when this extract is added.

*The Ghost Chile from India—the darling of the chile world right now—exudes tomato/bell pepper flavors in addition to extreme heat. Add Louisiana hot sauce to gazpacho…and you’ll taste Cajun Gazpacho. Add Bob’s Ghost Chile extract…and you’ll find a heightened gazpacho that still tastes exactly like gazpacho. I like to call it “Ghostpacho.”

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