FOLLOW THAT SOMM: Pairing Sushi and Sake at Uogashi with Chef Nakajima and Timothy Sullivan

FOLLOW THAT SOMM: Pairing Sushi and Sake at Uogashi with Chef Nakajima and Timothy Sullivan 1080 1080 Wine4Food

Note: Sadly, Uogashi had a fire on October 3rd of last year. This episode was filmed during the summer of 2018. Our hearts go out to all of those affected, including our featured guest in this episode, Chef Nakajima. Our original intro had Carole declaring Uogashi as her favorite sushi restaurant in all of New York City after searching for 5 years. We hope to see it back soon.

On this episode of Follow that Somm, Carole Mac seeks the perfect sake for pairing with sushi. Chef Nakajima, a third-generation sushi chef from Tokyo, takes Carole through a tasting of whitefish sushi: sea bream (also known as “tai,” this is Japan’s most classic fish), flathead fish, and Nakajima-san’s favorite, Golden Eye Snapper. Uogashi, which translates to “fish market” in Japanese, sources its fish from some of the most reputable markets in Japan, including Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Market. That’s how you know it’s fresh.

Once again, we’ve brought in Timothy Sullivan of UrbanSake to guide us through tasting sake and pairing it with sushi. If you haven’t seen it yet, Timothy’s Somm Tips on sake is a must-watch!  On this episode, he presents Carole and Nakajima-san with two options: the clean, unaged Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo, and the more robust, aged Hakkaisan Yukimoro. Which will be the best pairing for Nakajima-san’s whitefish sushi? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Thank you to Nakajima-san for sharing his incredible sushi. Thank you to Timothy Sullivan for guiding us through tasting and pairing sake. And finally, thank you to Uogashi. We hope to see this restaurant back in New York City and serving our favorite sushi again very soon.

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