Can YOU Name That Wine Aroma? Somm School Insider (E2)

Can YOU Name That Wine Aroma? Somm School Insider (E2) 400 400 Wine4Food

Go ahead—take a big whiff. Get your nose deep into the glass. What do you smell? Ripe cherries? Green bell pepper? Fresh tarragon? 

Dylan York, Principal at the Sommelier Society of America and VP of Sales at Revana Family Vineyard, leads Somm School Insider host and sommelier-in-training Carole Mac in a game of “name that aroma.” The game is designed to get us ready to taste wine blind, awaken our senses, and help prime our brains to recognize common wine aromas.

Can Carole identify twelve scents blindfolded, from baking spices to pineapple? 

“Trust your gut reaction; don’t overthink it,” Dylan advises. Easier said than done! The timer is running, and the pressure is on. 

“This is so much harder than I thought,” Carole admits. We’re used to eating and drinking first with our eyes, so taking away the visuals is a serious challenge. Can Carole do it? Can you? 

Try it at home and find out. And stay tuned to learn to use your brand-new aroma detecting skills to taste wine blind in Episode 3. Sign up here to get notified when it comes out! We will be releasing all seven episodes over the next few months.

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