SOMM TASTING NOTES: Scott Woltz of La Sirena Tastes Tempranillo

SOMM TASTING NOTES: Scott Woltz of La Sirena Tastes Tempranillo 1080 1080 Wine4Food

On today’s SOMM TASTING NOTES, Scott Woltz dives into Spain’s most well-known varietal, Tempranillo.

Scott Woltz previously joined us on Follow that Somm to teach us about Albariño, the white wine of Green Spain that he described as “the perfect patio wine.” Now Scott is back to teach us about Tempranillo, a wine that is most commonly associated with the region of Rioja but is cultivated all throughout Spain and Portugal (though over there, they call it Tinto Roriz).

Labraz Tempranillo is an entry-level wine from Rioja that delivers the classic Tempranillo notes of oak and “sour and sweet red fruit”. Tempranillo from Rioja is always aged in oak, and the level of aging generally places the wine into the four categories of Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. Moving past the oak, Scott finds flavors of raspberry and cherry, giving an overall impression of “spice and fruit.” Sounds delicious!

For pairing, any of La Sirena’s incredible tapas would do but Scott loves their pork shank dish for this wine. If you haven’t checked out the tapas at La Sirena yet, whet your palate with our Where the Chefs Eat video featuring Executive Chef Anthony Sasso. Then head over to La Sirena and tell Scott and Anthony that Wine4Food sent ya! Their patio will be open for Spring, so don’t be shy about heading to Chelsea to bask in the flavors of Albariño while dining al fresco.

If you want to dive into the oak and berry notes of a beautiful Tempranillo from Spain, head to Golden Ram Imports’ Where to Buy page to find your nearest retail location for incredible wines. And if you liked this video and love food and wine, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Instagram. Thanks for watching!

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