WINE FRIDAY: Champagne Marion-Bosser Blanc de Blancs

WINE FRIDAY: Champagne Marion-Bosser Blanc de Blancs 150 150 David Rosengarten

NV Champagne Marion-Bosser Blanc de Blancs, Extra-Brut Premier Cru, Champagne, France ($53) marion-bosser-premier-cru

Suddenly, here it is…Champagne season! Time to gather the bubbles! In the new ROSENGARTEN REPORT, to be published on Dec. 15, 2014, I will bring you a complete tasting of the high-end Champagnes you might want to gather for New Years! For today, however, I’ve dug up a less expensive Champagne for the season “kick-off”…that’s a damned good value! And there’s a tender story behind it: grandparents saved during WW II, the recent marriage of old families, the great-great-grandchildren now exporting Champagne to the U.S. through a dear friend of mine, Alice Loubaton…who has worked for France for over 30 years. Champagnes should have emotion…and this one does! Even in the glass! As the nose rises…it’s alive!…with a kind of nutty poignancy in it. On the palate, the feeling, again, is vitality. I imagine that Chardonnay-lovers will especially love this all-Chardonnay Champagne, as it emits its payload of fruit, wrapped in a sexy, creamy package. Not bone-dry, and not blazingly acidic. A softer Champagne with character.


It’s probably not a caviar wine (too much dosage)…but it’d be lovely with oysters, other cold shellfish, fish in cream sauce, and…especially…fried things! Think tempura, or think fried chicken!

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