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Philipp Kuhn

The Best Wines to Drink with Vegan Food

There’s no reason to be intimidated by pairing wines with vegan meals, because the same general guidelines apply: fat, acidity, body, sweetness, tartness and flavor are all components of a dish that influence making the best match.

Pinot Mushroom Fricassee

Wild Mushroom Pinot Fricassee

Wild Mushroom Pinot Fricassee Recipe A luscious wild mushroom fricassee comes together quickly, which is perfect for occasions where indulgence is needed but time is short. It can be served…

The Essential Guide to Dry German Riesling

The world’s greatest white wine grape is finally getting some love in non-wine-snob circles. But which region to you want to try? Also, which style is the one to look out for? (Hint: it’s trocken.)