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Cocktails Give Us Spirit(s): Why We Love Cocktails

Cocktails had one recipe when they made their debut at the turn of the eighteenth century: some kind of spirit, sugar, water, and bitters. Nowadays though, drinks are an artform. And we have become a society full of art collectors and connoisseurs. So what is fueling our collective cocktail endearment?

Fennel & Leek Stuffing Muffins

Thanksgiving stuffing is a classic holiday dish with countless variations. Here, traditional flavors get a twist in presentation: personally sized stuffing muffins. Serve as a side for your sit down Thanksgiving meal, or as an appetizer for your next holiday cocktail party.

The Guide to the Best Provence Rosé

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer. Hot days by the lake, beach trips, and long weekends in the country are at hand, and for many of these seasonal outings, Provençal rosé will be served. Here’s our guide to the best.

Grilled Glazed Asparagus for Your Spring Table

Mayonnaise is an oft-neglected ingredient that can make miracles happen on the grill. Nothing more than “whipped oil,” it can be mixed into a thick flavorful coating that will stick to crisp spring asparagus. This technique also works well when grilling fish and other delicate foods.

After Merlot, There’s Cabernet Sauvignon

After getting your fill of the classic red wine flavors from Merlot and Pinot Noir, your first taste of the hard stuff is sophisticated Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine plays a very important role in both the Old and New World, especially in California. It’s also often the first step up the “fancy wine” ladder mostly because it’s pricey, but also due to its nuances.

An Ancient Land Making Modern Wines: Lebanon

“The vineyards of the Bekaa Valley … enable grapes to develop thick skins and ripe flavors while hanging on to their refreshing acidity. These are not ‘shy wines.’ Rather, they are wines of structure, depth, and weight,”