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It wasn’t very long ago that I got turned on to the bitter Italian liqueur, Amaro. A sommelier at one of Manhattan’s best Italian restaurants (Costata, exec-cheffed by the magnificent Michael White), showed me his amaro passion when he wheeled over roughly 20 of them after my meal. They’re all kind of sweet and herbal…but oh my! the differences! They range from 16% to 40% alcohol, traverse the brown color spectrum (from light to dark), and each producer has its signature blend of flavorings (all kinds of herbs, fruits, rinds, barks, etc.).

I’m so excited by this wacky category that I am gearing up for a huge tasting of every Amaro in the U.S. market; the results, sometime in 2015, will be published in my newly-returning newsletter, the ROSENGARTEN REPORT (both print and digital available).

However, I wanted to tell you about Amaro today, two days before Thanksgiving…because I have just come up with an exquisite Amaro-based after-dinner drink for your turkey feast! It is creamy-delicious (like eggnog)…and right-in-key seasonal. I made it with a widely distributed brand of Amaro called Montenegro—which is not one of the more intense or complex Amaros, but is perfect for this drink.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Yamaro

I like to serve this rich drink in small glasses—a little feels great in your belly, but very few people can drink a big glass of it!

makes two 3-oz servings

6 tablespoons heavy cream
1/4 cup chunks of canned yam
1 1/2 tablespoons Amaro
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
6 ice cubes (medium-sized)

Add all ingredients to the jar of a blender, or, preferably, a Vita-Mix.

Blend at high speed until a smooth, creamy drink is achieved.

Divide among two small glasses, and serve immediately. Top with minced yam as a garnish, if desired.

NOTE: You have the option of making The Yamaro a little thinner—either by adding a few more ice cubes to the blender while you prepare it, or by adjusting the drink with a little more cream just before serving.

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