Rosé Myths Debunked with Keri Levens and Carole Mac

Rosé Myths Debunked with Keri Levens and Carole Mac 1080 1080 Wine4Food

There is a ton of confusion out there when it comes to rosé. Is it just white wine and red wine blended together? Why is it so popular during the summer—and are you even allowed to drink it during the other 3 seasons? And how does it pair with food?

We couldn’t think of a better person to debunk rosé myths with than Keri Levens, an actual rosé winemaker! Keri went to Tuscany last summer to create her own wine, and came back with the delectable Volpetta, which is available by the glass at Chefs Club. You know Keri as the subject of our Follow that Somm at Chefs Club and as our candy and wine pairing expert on our Hallowine special. Now she’s back to sip rosé on the porch with Carole Mac and discuss all of the juicy details of everyone’s favorite pink drink!

Keri and Carole keep the conversation short and sweet, and the rosé dry. This is a perfect entry point to understanding some common misconceptions surrounding rosé. We tackle 4 major rosé myths in this episode, from whether or not darker rosé is sweeter, to what wine regions you should look for outside of Provence, to why it’s an ideal pairing for your next barbecue. By the end of this episode, you’ll stop thinking rosé all day, and start drinking rosé all year!

Tune in later this month for a closer look at Keri’s process for actually making her own rosé.

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