Somm Tips with Paul Grieco – What is Wine?

Somm Tips with Paul Grieco – What is Wine? 1080 1080 Wine4Food

What is wine? Besides being our favorite thing to drink, a historic beverage dating back thousands of years, and the most complex and exciting libation around… It’s also, simply, fermented grape juice.

On our previous episode of Somm Tips, Paul Grieco got mystical on why we should all be drinking more wine. Now he’s here to bring it back to basics: how is wine made, how does it get its color, and how did those bubbles get into a bottle of Champagne (AKA: why is bubbly so bubbly)?

This is a great appetizer for those who are looking to learn more about wine, and we hope to educate you even further with our upcoming episodes in the series.

Who is Paul Grieco? He is the proprietor of Terroir Wine Bar, a James Beard award winner, and an unapologetic Riesling freak. His restaurant on the High Line, Terroir on the Porch, is now open for the Spring and Summer for all of your outdoor wine-drinking needs and desires. Also not to be missed: Wine4Food visited Terroir Wine Bar in TriBeCa last year and interviewed their head chef, the Chopped-award winning Andrew Riccatelli, to find out his favorite spots to eat around NYC.

Somm Tips with Paul Grieco will be back with more installments, where we answer important questions like: What’s the Deal with Screw Tops? And What the F**k is Terroir? Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more episodes about what makes wine such an interesting and compelling beverage.

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