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On today’s Somm Tips, we’re back with Paul Grieco to discuss the elusive topic of terroir. What does it mean, what foods have it, and why is it important? Paul answers all of these questions and more on this episode.

Paul Grieco is the proprietor and general manager at Terroir—sound familiar? That’s because Paul’s group of wine bars is named after the same concept of terroir that is so essential to understanding wine. Terroir generally refers to the place where a wine’s grapes are grown. Why is Burgundian Chardonnay and Pinot Noir considered the best in the world? Because of the terroir of places like the Cote d’Or.  Many even claim to be able to taste specific flavor notes derives from a place’s soil: chalk in Champagne or limestone in Loire, for instance. And the many microclimates found in the bay area are credited with giving Napa and Sonoma Valley wines their qualitative edge over other wine-growing areas in the United States.

Climate, soil, geography, and more; so much is packed into this one word! Paul dives into the history of the term and even lays out reasoning for how old world and new world wines are viewed differently through the lens of terroir.

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