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Sparkling wines aren’t just for the holidays or special occasions. You can enjoy them as an everyday pleasure. One of my fondest memories is enjoying a glass of Cristal with my…

A (Very Cheesy) Queso Tour of Dallas

Twirl a tortilla chip in a bowl of melted gooey queso with chile peppers. Coat it well and let its decadence satisfy your deepest cravings for creamy, salty, and spicy. Queso is the Tex-Mex version of the Mexican queso flameado, a mixture of melted cheese, crumbled spicy chorizo, a tomato and onion sauce, and spices.

Chocolate Ombré Pancakes

The only thing better than breakfast in bed is breakfast in bed with a tall stack of these gorgeous, decadent chocolate ombré pancakes. From the rich dark chocolate pancakes at…

2018 Harvest Report, from Napa to Champagne

From Tuscany to Napa, autumn means it’s time for the grape harvest. By now, the harvest is underway—and in some places, it’s already finished. Old and new world growers and…


Valpolicella: One Region. Four Wines.

The “Valley of Many Cellars” Opens Its Doors The “valley of many cellars” (as its name translates to) is overflowing with exquisite wine including world-class Amarone.  But there is more…

Rioja: What’s In a Name?

Geographically, “Rioja” is divided into three subzones, each with a distinct terroir. A “Rioja” can also be defined as a “Crianza,” a “Reserva,” or a “Gran Reserva” depending on the aging. And then, there’s the style of wine: traditional or modern.