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Carole Mac

How to Serve Wine Like a Somm | SOMM SCHOOL INSIDER WITH CAROLE MAC (E7)

It’s finale time! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about wine through Somm School Insider where we take you inside the Sommelier Society of America with Carole Mac to learn the secrets of tasting like a sommelier. We’ve introduced you to her actual instructors, in real time, to learn her favorite lessons in somm school. You now know the components of wine, how to blind taste, the the structure and flavors of the wines of France, Italy, and the New World. Now it’s time to learn how to serve like a somm.

how to saber champagne

How to Saber Champagne with Carole Mac & Sophie Gonet

To saber, or not to saber… Wait, is that even a question? Of course we’re sabering! Today on Somm Tips, we head to Champagne, France to uncover the celebratory secrets of sabering sparkling with seventh generation winemaker Sophie Gonet.

Carole Mac’s Hot Buttered Rum

Who doesn’t love hot buttered rum for the holidays? I grew up loving this stuff. In fact, I used to sneak spoonfuls of this magic batter into my mouth as a kid! This is my twist on the recipe my mom made every year for Christmas. Also, I already double the amount of batter and rum, so add yours to taste. It’s the only way.

Exploring New World Wines By Country | SOMM SCHOOL INSIDER WITH CAROLE MAC (E6)

Do you know the difference between Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand vs. Chile? Learn this and more as Somm School Insider host and sommelier-in-training Carole Mac takes you on a tour of the wines of the New World with her instructor Dylan York, Principle at the Sommelier Society of America and VP of sales at Revana Vineyard.

Ribeauvillé Follow that Somm

FOLLOW THAT SOMM ALSACE with Carole Mac & David Jaegle

Alsace is a food and wine lover’s paradise, but perhaps you have never heard of it. Situated on the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland, Alsace is a culinary curiosity; a place where foie gras and escargot are as plentiful as pretzels and sausages. Wine4Food headed to the town of Ribeauvillé this summer to discover the palate of Alsace, enlisting help from Cave de Ribeauvillé’s Worldwide Exports Manager, David Jaegle.