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Turkish Delight, a Pistachio Cocktail

Say it’s 1979. Say you’re a little boy, and all the older kids are eating brightly colored ice cream cones. Say that you’re familiar with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, but there’s a green scoop you’ve never seen before that captures your imagination. Say your mother lets you try it, despite her protests that you’re probably not going to like it. Say that you don’t actually like it—you love it—and somehow you spend the rest of your life attempting to reimagine that moment in various culinary contexts. 

Such is my infatuation with pistachio.

A Stirred Tequila Cocktail for Cinco de Mayo

Of all drinking holidays, Cinco de Mayo is arguably the happiest. Nestled in the heart of spring, when weather ceases to be as variable, this day is all about celebration, first warmth, and riotous good times. So what better way to celebrate this casual, fun-in-the-sun occasion than with an over-intellectualized, multi-ingredient, stirred tequila cocktail? 

Your thoughts exactly, I’m sure. Believe me, if you’re out looking for margarita-variation recipes, there are plenty to be had—ones with passion fruit and mango

Shochu: A Japanese Influence on the Classic Martini

The best art leaves more questions than answers. So here’s a question I grapple with often: How many ingredients can you add to a martini and still call it a martini? This question is relevant in the other direction as well. What are the fewest number of ingredients you can add to a martini and still call it a martini? Here’s a common exchange at the bar:

“I’ll have a vodka martini.”

“Would you like any vermouth or particular garnish?”


A Chamomile Cocktail for the Season (Whatever that May Be) 

There are no robins. At least not in New York—at least not yet. No fountains or forsythia, cottontails or crocuses, or dappled hills of daffodils. The clocks aren’t even sprung ahead. Still, I have a friend whose birthday falls on March 1st who insists she has a spring birthday. It makes me wonder if she’s ever actually experienced it.

Cognac Humidor

2 oz. Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac .125 oz. Lustau Don Nuño Oloroso Sherry .125 oz. Giffard Madagascar Vanilla .125 oz. Tempus Fugit Crème de Cacao à La Vanille .125 oz. Leopold Brothers Maraschino 1 Dash Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters Atomized Laphroaig…


FRENCH ANTIQUES 2 oz. Maison Surrenne VSOP Cognac .75 oz. Fresh Lemon .5 oz. Fresh Orange .25 oz. Pür Likör Blossom Elderflower .25 oz. Honey Syrup* 1 Dash Angostura Bitters Atomized Laphroaig 10 Combine ingredients in a…